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Silicone Rubber 3D Freedom

Platinum Cure Food Grade Silicone Rubber

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The next step to 3D printing. Make a copy of a relatively simple 3D printed model to produce numerous copies in a range of full functional materials. Convert 3D printouts to tough polyurethane plastic, rubber, clear epoxy resin, pewter, lead, plaster, concrete, wax soap or even pastries or chocolate, 3D Freedom silicone rubber moulds make it possible, plus premium platinum cure chemistry provides the highest chemical resistance and dimensional stability for. Virtually any item can be moulded from, not to just 3D moulds, Existing objects can be copied such as decor items, model trains, figurines, candles and mechanical items. Original sculptural pieces can be made using Klean Klay then a mould taken in 3D Freedom Silicone Rubber.

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