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Solid Cast 670

Tough Hard Polyurethane Plastic Kit

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Free flowing, white, low odour reactive polyurethane plastic that casts into fine detailed extra tough plastic parts.

This product is similar to Solid Cast 660 with the noticeable differences being that Solid Cast 670 is slightly less fluid and has a slower curing time of 20-90 minutes depending on the castings shape.

The advantages it offers are, a longer 5 minute working time and a far tougher plastic upon final cure. Handy to have when the toughest plastic is required for casting. Poured into a Solid Mould 500 silicone rubber mould, items that can be produced include plastic housing, cog wheels, switches, handles, models and jewellery. Suitable for hobby casting projects through to industrial prototyping.

Use Polytek Poly Purge to prevent moisture absorption in your polyurethane between uses to prolong shelf life and help to avoid the formation of bubbles. Solid Cast 670 is tougher than Solid Cast 660, however it has a higher viscosity making Solid Cast 660 the choice for very thin casting. Solid Cast 670 is slower to cure than Solid Cast 660. Cures much like a tough polypropylene.

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