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Solid Cast 630 Acrylic Polymer New & Improved Formula
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Solid Cast 630 Acrylic Polymer is a 3D modelling and construction material limited only by your imagination. Solid Cast 630 is a simple and safe low odour, ultra strong, weather proof casting system. Solid Cast 630 has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including: architectural panels, statues and replicas, fascia or external claddings, sets, props, models, pots, water features and castings. Solid Cast 630 is odourless, solvent free, light weight and is easy to use in both solid and hollow castings. A casting made with Solid Cast 630 takes less time to complete, patching, sanding and finishing are all easier than with a casting made of polyester or epoxy. An additional advantage is Solid Cast 630 is a ductile and dimensionally stable material that can be cast directly into an alginate mould. Solid Cast 630 has good UV resistance, high impact resistance, a class '0' fire rating and is less hazardous when compared to polyester or epoxy resins. Carved foam structures can be given a tough resin workable skin by spraying over with Solid Cast 630 using a hopper spray gun with a 3mm to 6mm tip or fibreglass chopper gun. Thicker surfaces can be troweled on with the addition of Solid Cast 630 thickener, upon cure the surface can be carved, CNC machined or easily sanded.

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