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Pearl Solutions

Pearl Powder New range

  • 25g
  • Full Pearl Colour Suite
  • Satin Blue
  • Satin Red
  • Satin Violet
  • Satin Green
  • Synstar Gold
  • Flash Gold
  • Crystal Gold
  • Royal Gold
  • Flash Bronze
  • Red Copper
  • Red Wine
  • Synstar Orange
  • Red Blue
  • Synstar Red Blue
  • Synstar Purple
  • Bright Pure Blue
  • Flash Jade
  • Green Gold
  • Bright Luster Satin
  • Flash Blue
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Pearl Solutions is a range of pearl powders that can be used to add a lustrous 3D pearl or reflective colour to a coating, casting or piece of art. Mix a small amount of Pearl Solution powder with any clear resin or polymer coating to add new depth and interest to your project.

about us
Peter Byrne
Chief Executive Officer

Solid Solutions new vision is built on my passion for Art, Architecture, Interior Design and Product Development, fields I have been actively engaged in for over 40 years.
This culmination, truly excites me with the rich possibilities that stand to benefit us all.


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