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  • Painting Foam Sheets
    No solvent-based paint/finishes (or superglues and polyester, MEKP) should be used. These will melt the foam. In turn, your best bet for surface coating is an acrylic waterbased paint, Solid Bond 330 Epoxy Fibreglassing Resin or Solid Cast 630 Acrylic Plaster.
  • Surfacing Foam sheets
    Solid Cast 630 Acrylic Gypsum can be brushed, sprayed or spatulated onto Styrofoam, once set the surface can be readily sanded or machined. The final surface will be non pourous and fully waterproof.
  • The density of foam sheets
    The desntity is 30kg per cubic meter. In turn, please see the following sheet weights: 25mm x 600mm x 2.5m 1.33kg 30mm x 600mm x 2.5m 1.5kg 50mm x 600mm x 2.5m 2.31kg 75mm x 600mm x 2.5m 4.8kg 100mm x 600mm x 2.5m 5kg 165mm x 600mm x 2.5m 9kg
  • Gluing Foam Sheets
    Always use solvent-free adhesives. A good example is Solid Bond 305 5-minute Epoxy Glue. ***Bond inboard of any joint lines when the Styrofoam has to be shaped and sanded over joint lines.***
  • Cutting Foam Sheets
    Your best bet is a saw, craft knife or hot wire-cutter. To shape it, use a file, rasp or sandpaper.
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